are you feeling left out because everyone is going back to school but you? are you sad that you are going back to school but its not as fun as it should be? whatever the case may be, i have a solution for you! COLOURING!!!

super colouring contest time!

heres the deal again:

your mission is to DOWNLOAD, PRINT, and COLOUR one of these drawings, or both! you can use whatever colouring tools you have at your disposal! after you are done your masterpiece you post it online! if you instagram make sure to tag me and use the #colourtheghost hashtag!! if you prefer Facebook just post it to my page! i plan on choosing 2 winners after the dust settles and send them some cool swag, but really, everybody is a winner in my heart!

i am super excited to see what you guys do with these! share the link to your friends too! come on guys! i would love to do a whole book or something but first lets see how these pages do! its like free art! everyone wins!!

<--- pick your poison! or try both! --->

if you have any questions or concerns just send me a message! deadline? oh of course there is a deadline!

due: OCTOBER the 31st!

get your entry in by then to win! also i will be taking the links down by then... soooo get colouring!

*** it's best to save the image and print from the file instead of straight from website ***
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